Alzheimer & Dementia Support


Bainbridge’s memory program was created to help the person who has moderate to severe memory impairment to maintain or increase memory function as long as possible.

This specialized service includes failure free activities with an emphasis on working with emotions and providing a safe and secure environment.  We maintain the individual’s dignity and self-esteem at all times, regardless of his or her ability to remember or retain information.  Crafts, music, puzzles, discussions and art are some of the methods that we use to enhance our registrants experiences.

For the severely impaired individual, we encourage involvement without expectations, so that the entire day is a pleasurable and meaningful one. When a disease causes behavior issues, we work with each individual to enhance their quality of life each day. This program offers respite for the caregiver.  Of course, our C.N.A.s provide all types of assistance with activities of daily living, such as toileting, dressing and feeding in our handicapped accessible facility.